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Opportunity for Service Differentiation

GICs frequently get feedback to align its operations in a way to generate more scope and maximize customer trust. Here, GICs have an opportunity to distinguish themselves against third-party service providers firms by being clear as crystal and transparent about disclosing its FTE time/effort’s calculation.

What needs to be changed? The conventional metrics that are being used at GICs today, don’t always show any corresponding business outcome. Moreover, with an increased level of expectations from parent firms – Going forward, inadequate depiction via old-school reports and balanced scorecards won’t be enough to preserve GICs unique value for the parent enterprise. Instead, identifying and projecting direct business impact would enable GICs to find a place of mention in the enterprise’s balance sheet; as a step to move forward.

Showcase real impact with innovative approach towards metrics

  • Stop focusing on bygone parameters like cost savings (given that, very much existence of the GIC is based on cost arbitrage)

  • Identify the right audience within stakeholders and customer units for unveiling applicable business benefits

  • The reporting methods and techniques should be engaging enough for the stakeholders rather than just offering another view of periodic templates with updated data points.

  • Model the reports in a way with predictive cursors to suggest future trends

  • Create visibility for each individual process and how it results in achieving some form of business outcome

  • Emphasis on establishing a connection between 100% process compliance to delivering tangible business value

  • Extract business intelligence from metrics reported in the past and perform data analysis to generate meaningful insights for the audience

Portraying performance in a meaningful way could offer a remarkable prospect for GICs to demonstrate its worth and continue safeguarding its value proposition for the parent enterprise.


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