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Explore our repository of reports and whitepapers for comprehensive research, in-depth analysis, market insights, and strategic recommendations, providing a deeper understanding of the GBS-GCC industry.

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in India

The BFSI GCCs in India, report encapsulates the remarkable trajectory of BFSI GCCs, aiming to acknowledge the sector's substantial influence on the financial, social, and overall GCC industry.

As the fastest growing segment, with every year being a double-digit growth - The BFSI segment has positioned India's success in the global GCC landscape. This growth is attributed to factors like high-caliber talent, cost-effectiveness of operations, and a notable surge in digital adoption, all of which have propelled progress despite substantial downturns in the global financial sector.

We have analysed top 40 GCCs that have achieved substantial scale and made significant contributions to India’s IT & ITeS export figures.

Contents of the Report:

  1. Financial numbers from 2020, 2021 & 2022

  2. Top 40 Rankings by Revenue

  3. Rankings based on YoY growth

  4. Rankings based on Operating Margins & Overall Profitability

  5. Rankings based on Tax-Efficiency

  6. Social Impact Assessment

No approximation techniques have been used in this report; instead, it contains actual numbers reported by GCCs themselves.

If you are a GCC enthusiast with interest in captive, in-house operations, feel free to contact us for a further deep-dive into the reported numbers or detailed analysis of any specific GCC!

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Top Challenges


Persisting as sustainable businesses and enhancing commercial appeal have long been ongoing challenges for offshore-based GCCs.


Also, GCCs undergo regular evaluation by their parent enterprises to ensure their relevance. Despite economic uncertainty, the positive trends indicate the enduring prominence of GCCs across every industry vertical .


To proactively address imminent challenges, we have compiled a comprehensive list of long-standing challenges faced by Shared Services, GBS & GCCs, check out the document here

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